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Rural Alaska food delivery services. Your professional grocery delivery service for Alaska grocery shopping online with fast delivery to rural Alaska. Alaska's best, most affordable grocery delivery services. Rural Alaskans buy groceries online and have groceries delivered.

Warehouse Store Services

Express Yourself Expeditors LLC. has a long term and highly efficient working relationship with both Costco Wholesale and Sam’s Club in Anchorage, Alaska.

Members of these clubs may grocery shop in person or fax orders to the clubs directly.  Express Yourself will pick up your groceries, inventory the purchased goods with store receipt, professional package your merchandise and then deliver to your rural Alaskan carrier of choice.

We’ll find the most affordable way to ship your food order no matter where you are located!

  • Refrigerated  goods
  • Furniture / TV / Stereo
  • Dry goods
  • Clothing
  • Home improvements
  • Gifts

Members may shop both warehouse stores & then Express Yourself Expeditors LLC. can combined them all into one shipment. This process provides our customers with the very best transportation value possible.

* Only products which are legal in your community may be shipped

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