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Shopping & Shipping Groceries to Rural Alaskans

This is a exclusive service for the people that live and work in rural Alaska and beyond.

Express Yourself Expeditors Alaska is located in Anchorage, Alaska and specializes in supplying groceries from the Major Warehouse Club Stores to the people that live and work through out rural Alaska. Express Yourself Expeditors provides timely delivery of major brand merchandise. If you’re in an Alaskan bush community we want your business!

Our dedicated staff, modern equipment and technological advantages, are just a few of the things that has made Express Yourself Expeditors "The #1 Alaskan Expeditor of Choice". We are committed to treating each customer the way we would like to be treated, ensuring customer satisfaction on every order.

Express Yourself Expeditors Alaska will deliver to any rural location spanning Alaska’s 570,374 square miles. Transportation from Anchorage can be provided by Parcel Post Mail, Priority Mail, Bypass Mail, Airfreight, Marine, Surface Tranportation, Fed Ex and UPS, it's your choice on how fast you want it delivered to your location.

Sam’s Club and Costco Wholesale are our main suppliers but we do shop other stores if requested to do so. Did I mention that if you come to Anchorage and want to shop your own order but do not have the time or energy to be packing boxes, labeling and then hauling them out to the post office. We can do that for you. How does it work? When you get to the check out stand at Sam’s Club or Costco Wholesale in Anchorage, just tell the cashier that you want your order expedited by Express Yourself Expeditors. We offer free daily pickup service to each of the Warehouse Club Stores. Your order will be delivered to our secure warehouse, inventoried off of the store receipt (to be sure you are getting what you paid for) packaged and delivered to the carrier of your choice.

We thank you and look forward to working with you. Please feel free to e mail us via the contact form or call us from rural Alaska 1-800-248-4419 or in Anchorage at 907-346-1999.

Notice - All prices listed on this web site are subject to change without notice. Merchandise prices do not include any service, shipping or other fee's that relate to processing your order. You always pay the same price for the merchandise ordered as we do ( a copy of the actual store receipt is available up on request) We appreciate your business and are here to "Shop Anchorage for You"

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